Imagine: Your name is called. You stand up and slowly walk towards the stage; your stage. You are standing on stage, looking into the eyes of your audience. They are eagerly waiting for you to start speaking....

Do you already belong to the small minority who enjoy speaking in front of an audience? Or would you like to learn to achieve those skills?

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…and you can’t wait to give them what they want. You take a deep breath; relax; and deliver your speech, your presentation. You follow through on your concept. You are full of confidence and energy.

Your audience follows every word you say and every move you make. You inspire them. Your audience is grateful for you to speak to them.

Sounds good? Then let me ask you: Do you already belong to the small minority who enjoy speaking in front of an audience?

Or would you like to learn to achieve those skills?

WHY is it,

  • that 75% of the people asked in various surveys respond that they are outright afraid of Public Speaking?
  • that the fear of speaking in public is ranked higher than any other fear; even higher than the fear of your own death?
  • so difficult for most of us to clearly and vividly express our thoughts in front of others?

WHAT IF you never again felt uncomfortably nervous before you gave a speech?

How would you feel, if you deliver all your corporate presentations with ease and joy and you inspire your audience?

And what about persuading your boss, spouse and other important persons in your life with ease and joy?

Let me make a bold suggestion:

Devote just 2 days of your precious time to focus 100% on the valuable lessons in this high-immersion Public-Speaking-Bootcamp.

In return you will master the art of speaking to your audience in a way that they will not only enjoy but also compel them to follow your advice!

As you certainly already know, to speak in front and to inspire your audience is a science and an art. There are just so many aspects to be aware of and to master… It simply takes some time and can be very overwhelming.


We are talking of years of on-stage practice. While this is true for most great speakers:  It’s also true that you can take some significant shortcuts along your journey.

My mission is to show you a clear path through this jungle and teach you some of the best proven models I learned in the past 10 years on different stages.

While we will cover much more, we will focus on the four keys of effective communication so that you will

Inspire your audience with your artful communication skills!


The whole boot camp is structured around the four major keys of successful public speaking:

  • Have something good to say: Content; What to say? Why? To whom? What is the outcome?
  • Learn to say it well: Preparation; Verbal and non-verbal communication, How to say it?
  • Say it with emotion: Delivery; Mindset, being in Peak State, sensual acuity, flexibility, gestures, mimics, vocal variety…
  • Inspire the audience to take action: get any audience to where you want them and to follow your lead

During the seminar, you will have plenty opportunities to practice your new learned skills by presenting short speeches. After each speech you’ll receive precise feed forward on the parts you already do very well and where might be room for improvement. Some of your speeches will be recorded so you can see and feel your progress during these 2 days.

Arguably the most important aspect of any speech, any presentation or any conversation is to know your outcome first. What do you want to convey? What should your audience (if it is one or 1000) do after they listened to you? Or in other words: What is your call for action for them?

Once you are crystal clear on your purpose, the way to get there is rather easy. And we will cover both parts in this boot camp!

Talking about actions to take: If you want to reach your next level, to step up and to speak up, to learn how to win your audience and speak with ease and most importantly: enjoy the whole process:

Sign-up now for this high immersive weekend-training!

The next bootcamp in Frankfurt will start on May 2, 2015 at 10am and it will be in English. The price for this 2 day training starts at only 399€ incl. all taxes for the “PS BOOTCAMP REGULAR” option.

When I thought about, how can I make this Bootcamp the most immersive 2 day Public Speaking training in Germany, I came up with some additional ideas and included them into your package:
If you sign-up for this bootcamp now, you will not only experience this super intense workshop. Additionally:

  • You will receive your own Public Speaking booklet with lots of valuable exercises as well as tips & tricks for you to make an even better impact on your audience.
  • After you completed the training, you will get your Bootcamp certificate.


Have a look at these two brief videos to get an idea of some of the topics we will cover during this high-immersive BOOTCAMP.

The first one is a recently recorded webinar where I try to explain “The art of presence in communication” in exactly 400 seconds. The second one is a live-recording of a presentation I gave on “Vocal Mastery”.

As much as I know how profound and effective such a BOOTCAMP is I also strongly believe in adding even more value and in the power of personal feedback. To offer you even more value I have created the “PS BOOTCAMP GOLD” option for 449€.

  • As a special bonus, you will get an 1:1 evaluation and feed-forward session based on one of your speeches, that we will record during the weekend. I will personally analyze one of your speeches and give you my own ideas on where I see room for further improvement and how you could approach this.

You can expect to make a huge step forward in mastering the various important areas of public speaking just by playing out full during this seminar. But you know how life works:

“You can’t hire someone to practice for you.” H. Jackson Brown, Jr

A simple truth is this: The more you practice, the better you become. And there are many different possibilities to practice your speaking skills. Let me just name one here: Presenting speeches in a Toastmasters club.

Why do I mention this?

Because I have decided to include two more invaluable bonuses into your Bootcamp experience, when you select the
“PS BOOTCAMP PLATINUM” option for 549€.

  • When you commit yourself to further practice and join one of the many Toastmasters clubs, I will become your mentor for your first/next three speeches! This way, we will work together for some weeks, long after the weekend is over and enjoy your progress in becoming an outstanding speaker!
  • And: You will also get an one hour private communication coaching with me (current regular price: 200€ for private clients)!

Now, how does that sound to you? Simply select the option best suitable to you on the next page in the field “Seminartitel”, by clicking this button:



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