Imagine yourself one year from now: hugely successful in all your important life areas, proud, confident and relaxed.

What is it like? Who is with you? And how do you feel?

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Why should we bother setting goals?

A study at Harvard reveals just why it is so critical that you set precise goals and write them down. In 1979, Harvard MBA students were surveyed about their goal-setting habits. 84% did not have any specific goals at all, 13% had goals but had not written them down, and only 3% had clear goals in writing and a plan for how to accomplish them. That in itself is quite interesting. Only 3% of Harvard (!) MBAs had precise goals.

Now here is the most interesting part: Ten years later, researchers found that the ones who had written down their goals were earning on average, ten times as much as the other 97 percent put together.

Who doesn’t want to belong to these 3%, eh?


Make 2015 your personal breakthrough year!

  • Learn how to transform your dreams and desires into tangible goals (like the Top 3% do).
  • Understand what is driving you and which of your core values determine your life
  • Realize why you haven’t achieved some of your goals in the past. And of course how to avoid that from now on.

I have designed a 1 day breakthrough workshop, dedicated to help you find the answers on your most precious WHY, WHAT and HOW questions.

We will have a packed full day together with many opportunities to break through.

You will learn and apply some of the most powerful techniques to set very attractive, compelling goals, including the “SMART MOVE ABC”, a philosophy I have developed and use exclusively with my coaching clients and which goes way beyond the “traditional” goal setting theories.

We will dig deep and explore our very own core values, an often life-changing experience! And we will see the power of our values and how they helped or hindered us to achieve our goals.

But a day like this wouldn’t be complete if we would miss out on the HOW of goal achievement! We will therefore also work with the most sophisticated planning tool I know to ensure that we not only set magnificent goals but also achieve them.
So if you also would like to break through some of your old habits, limiting beliefs or values which are stopping you from following through, then buy your ticket now in a city near you. The price for this full day, full immersion workshop is only 299€ and it includes your manual and all the material we will be using.

Embark on this powerful journey of self discovery and learn how to master the goal setting and achieving skills which will empower you to live an even more magnificent life!

The next workshop in Frankfurt will be on April 11, 2015 in German. The next one in English will be announced soon.


Live life full!

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