Moritz was very good prepared and organized having a lot of knowledge and experience what he was talking about giving good examples and applying knowledge with us working in small groups. If you are open minded, want to grow in your personality and want to be activly involed in learning you must meet and do a workshop with him. Besides his professional work as educator he himself is an outstanding example of growing your personality and learning from others!

Dirk M.

I had visited some workshops for Goal Setting… and afterwards nothing real happened. Something important was missing.

Moritz’s Breakthrough Workshop has provided this missing link –I clearly know my core values and how they link to the achievement of my goals. Now, I am much more focussed and feel really attached to my goals.

Thank you Moritz.

Yani N.

Your BREAKTHROUGH workshop last week was a full success for me!

Let me go into some of the things I felt especially helpful.

Already right at the beginning I was positively surprised of the large variety ofenthusiastic participants. Their individual expectation and introductions gave me an idea on the potential the seminar attracts.

While the process of goal setting is not new to me you where able to redirect my attention to the importance of making them compelling and specific. This resulted already after a few hours in precise goal setting, goals in line with my core values.

The combination of the core values with compelling goal setting did it for me. On the end of the day I had a precise list of well defined goals and the motivation to get started immediately.

The “Partner commitment” idea will assure that I keep it up even if the going gets tough :-))
I will certainly recommend the seminar to my friends and colleagues that need the extra help getting started on their goal setting and more important at starting doing it.

Thank you for getting me going again,

Franz K.

“Every wish can become a reality if it is defined as a conrete goal and if one has a clear vision about how this goal can be achieved.

I think most people don’t achieve their goals, because they don‘t believe in them truly and give them up in the very beginning.
Taking part in the Breakthrough workshop was a very valuable experience for me. It helped me find out how every goal can become realistic and achievable. What I especially liked, were the useful, practical tipps that can be applied in every situation, no matter if it is in our professional or personal life, and last but not least the warm and friendly atmosphere in the workshop.”.

Thank’s a lot, Moritz!

Michaela H.

“Wie habe ich die erste Woche nach dem Seminar erlebt?

Sehr erfüllend!!! Ich bin sehr zufrieden damit, was ich in der vergangenen Woche alles geschafft habe!!!! Und ich gebe zu, dass das Seminar maßgeblich dazu beigetragen hat. Gleich am Montag habe ich meine Ziele nach dem META-Plan formuliert. Mir ist aufgefallen, je mehr ich die Ziele in einzelne kleine Schritte unterteile und ein zeitlichen Endpunkt (+Dauer), festlege, desto motivierter bin ich auch, diese Ziele zu erreichen.”

Gerne wieder!

Alexander E.

“I am still excited about the workshop I attended on March 23!

The exercises helped me to understand the importance of aligning my goals with my inner values. It showed me that only by aligning these goals with these values will I achieve them. When I align these together – when I have no inner conflicts – only then can I be sure that any of my goals are achievable. The next exercise, working with partners, helped me find a way to pursue these goals, identifying the best methods by which to do so.
The way in which the materials were presented and the exercises were organized in the workshop helped the process of identifying these goals and finding ways to pursue them. I liked Moritz’s style of presenting. He was very charismatic, and had good interaction with the workshop participants.
He paid a great amount of attention to each attendant individually. This workshop helped me to understand the importance of identifying the most important goals for myself, and to start seeing them as achievable through a concrete course of action.”

After this workshop, I have the feeling I can overcome any difficulties on the way to achieving my goals.

Kseniya B.

“Mein persönlicher BREAKTHROUGH in dem Seminar

war die Erkenntnis, wie meine Werte, meine Ziele und meine ‘limiting beliefs’ zusammenhängen und mein Handeln beeinflussen.”

Moritz hat diese Zusammenhänge sehr anschaulich dargestellt. In den praktischen Übungen konnten wir dies direkt bei uns ausprobieren und erfahren. Für mich würde ich mir wünschen, dass der Zusammenhang zwischen meinen Zielen und den ‘limiting beliefs’ noch stärker in den Vordergrund gerückt wird, da ich dort den größten Hebel für mich sehe. Mein Lob gilt allerdings nicht nur Moritz, sondern auch den anderen Teilnehmern. Wir haben im Anschluss an das Seminar noch ein Team geformt, welches sich gegenseitig bei der Erreichung der Ziele unterstützt. Hoffentlich hält dieses Team recht lange.”

Gerne wieder!

Jörg S.